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Water Supply

Hydrants in the Tarrant County gated community are painted black to indicate low pressure
Approximately 100 Portland firefighters responded to a fire involving a large pile of scrap metal at a recycling plant
As an MPO it’s important to know your response area and its target hazards and have a command of water supply issues
Reviewing the fundamentals of water and how to estimate your available supply
There are hundreds of acronyms in the fire service, but these two are a must for fireground operations
Firefighters had to break windows and run a supply line through a vehicle blocking a hydrant at the Bronx fire
Firefighters fought a pallet yard blaze and a 2-11 structure fire
Authorities in Wright County believe several juveniles are responsible for opening five fire hydrants
Two houses were destroyed and two others damaged during a fire at a construction site in San Luis Obispo
Vehicle crash in Orange County ends up with one vehicle being partially suspended in the air
Mutual aid fire departments bought water tenders to the fire near Lebanon
A large fire tears through a housing development under construction in Redwood City
Benton County Fire District 1 stated the 525,000-square-foot cold storage warehouse in Finley is too unstable to enter
Mutual aid response credited with keeping Durham barn fire from destroying an attached residence
Tanker carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline on I-95 in Norwalk was involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer and a car
Dozens of fire departments responded to the Lancaster County fire
Meriden firefighters had to break the van’s windows in order to connect to the hydrant
Jeannette firefighters had to rely on tankers to fight a fire that claimed four children and an adult
Jeannette Fire Chief Bill Frye said firefighters had a problem with a hydrant as the fire extended to another house
Five considerations for first-arriving crews to prevent the situation from deteriorating
350,000 gallons of water used as The Cuyahoga burned in Ashtabula Harbor
Marlboro firefighters called for additional firefighters and a tanker after finding over 30 vehicles burning
Officials in Hawley cancelled school to try and conserve the town’s limited water supply
Understanding hydraulic ventilation, air entrainment, flow path science and their impact on ventilation efforts
Firefighters from several FDs worked to contain the fire to the end unit of the Clinton strip mall
From its wooden beginnings to modern ‘smart’ systems, the fire hydrant is a storied icon that represents the evolution of the fire service
Firefighters in South Huntingdon Township faced a lack of hydrants and relied on a water shuttle
The fire rescue boat will further support and advance the fire service and EMS response missions of Norfolk Fire-Rescue