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Water Supply

Meriden firefighters had to break the van’s windows in order to connect to the hydrant
Jeannette firefighters had to rely on tankers to fight a fire that claimed four children and an adult
Jeannette Fire Chief Bill Frye said firefighters had a problem with a hydrant as the fire extended to another house
Five considerations for first-arriving crews to prevent the situation from deteriorating
350,000 gallons of water used as The Cuyahoga burned in Ashtabula Harbor
Marlboro firefighters called for additional firefighters and a tanker after finding over 30 vehicles burning
Officials in Hawley cancelled school to try and conserve the town’s limited water supply
Understanding hydraulic ventilation, air entrainment, flow path science and their impact on ventilation efforts
Firefighters from several FDs worked to contain the fire to the end unit of the Clinton strip mall
From its wooden beginnings to modern ‘smart’ systems, the fire hydrant is a storied icon that represents the evolution of the fire service
Firefighters in South Huntingdon Township faced a lack of hydrants and relied on a water shuttle
The fire rescue boat will further support and advance the fire service and EMS response missions of Norfolk Fire-Rescue
Rock Falls interim Fire Chief New Ken Wolf III led 25 agencies from four counties during the tire shop fire
A second firefighter fell into the basement during a mayday at a house fire in Homestead
Staten Island fire companies faced a fire on the second floor of a six-story hospital building
Breaking down fire attack directives into smaller steps allows crews to improve efficiency
The FDNY and other departments assisted Elizabeth firefighters at the Singer Sewing Machine factory fire
Two Watertown firefighters were injured when 5-inch hose and a manifold became unstable during hose testing
Firefighters from six departments worked to extinguish a burning Tesla on I-65 in Autauga County
Helicopters and water tenders were brought in to fight the Tustin Marine Corps Air Station hangar fire
Detailing alarm causes, actions to mitigate the incident and fire protection post-incident
Firefighters worked for several hours fighting a fire in a 16,700-square-foot home in Bloomfield Hills
Chattanooga firefighters thought they were responding to just a vehicle fire at metal recycling facility
A lack of hydrants and an apparatus problem hindered firefighting efforts in East Windsor
Speedlays provide quick deployment of attack lines to the fire, which is what we need as the fire grows faster and faster on today’s modern fireground
Firefighters from three departments worked to protect exposures at the Gogebic County Fairgrounds blaze
Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Company alleges Columbia officials were negligent in inspecting, maintaining the hydrants
A worker was repairing the Waterford system when he was swept several hundred feet down stream