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Firefighter saves neighbor’s home with orange juice

Thomas Kofron had no running water when a wildfire reached his neighborhood, so he grabbed a half a gallon of orange juice to help extinguish the blaze

By EMS1 Staff

VENTURA, Calif. — A firefighter saved his family’s house and then helped save his neighbor’s house by using orange juice.

KSBY reported that Thomas Kofron, who recently finished his season as a member of Cal Fire, was determined to save his family’s home, and was forced to get the job done with no running water.

“This one was scary because I was all by myself, everyone had evacuated, I didn’t have a team with me, a crew, a fire engine with a bunch of water. It was me by myself. It was personal. This was my family’s house,” Kofron said.

At the same time, the neighbor’s home across the street was burning as well, and the family was evacuating.

“I ran over there with a half a gallon of orange juice, tore apart the wall, found the fire and waved down an engine and they help me put it out,” Kofron said.

“My home is standing because our neighbor, he saved it. It caught on fire about 10:30 in the morning. He texted me saying he was going to try and save it but the house is probably going down,” neighbor Garrett Martin said. “He kicked down our front door, cut open our walls and used orange juice to try to put the fire out because the water was shut off.”

About half of the homes on the street were burned.

Other possible causes, such as campfires, target shooters, smoking, debris burning and vehicles, were rejected, a CAL FIRE peace officer said
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