Rapid Response: Mayday training tested in Dallas rescue

Dallas Fire Chief David Coatney credits enhanced RIT training for rescue of three Dallas firefighters in an apartment fire structural collapse

What happened: Three firefighters narrowly escaped significant injury or death on Nov. 27, 2018. A little after 9:00 a.m., fire broke out at the Cambridge Park condominiums in Dallas. Firefighters found a rapidly advancing fire in a three-story garden-style apartment. An interior attack was attempted, however the fire led to rapid structural deterioration.

Why it’s significant: A portion of the third floor collapsed onto three firefighters operating on the second floor. The Engine 48 crew was trapped and entangled, while surrounded by significant fire.

The crew was able to call a mayday, alerting others to their peril. As the mayday was occurring and the fire continued to expand, a greater alarm was struck and crews entered a rescue mode. The now 4-alarm response brought approximately 100 personnel to the scene.

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