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The Command Post Podcast: Operation of FEMA USAR teams, newly promoted officer tips

Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie bring expert perspective to hot topics, frontline tactics and leadership lessons that firefighters and officers need to be safe and successful

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In this week’s The Command Post podcast, hosts Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie discuss why six University City, Mo. firefighters were suspended for three months without pay after posing for campaign photos.

“The state law in Missouri says firefighters are allowed to campaign, but not on-duty and not in uniform,” Lt. Duckworth said. “So, there’s a few issues in there. The big fight now is if their turnout gear constitutes as a uniform.”

Lt. Duckworth and Chief Wylie also talk about large-scale incidents involving urban search and rescue (USAR) activities in their frontline tactical tips segment. They interview Lt. Al Basset, a Norwalk (Conn.) firefighter and tech rescue instructor for the Conn. Fire Academy, and Rich Alfes, of Mass. USAR Task Force-1, about FEMA USAR teams.

They also discuss tips for the newly promoted officer in their leadership lessons segment of the podcast.

“If you’re in the fire service long enough, you’re going to reach some level of promotion,” Chief Wylie said. “It comes with a whole new set of responsibilities, tasks and ways of doing things. On the whole, the fire service, I would say, has been piss-poor in preparing our folks for those next steps.”

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The Command Post, a podcast series that features Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie, brings expert perspective to hot topics, frontline tactics and leadership lessons that firefighters and officers need to be safe and successful.

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