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Toxic mold forces Calif. firehouse closure

Firefighters reported an intense smell at the station following heavy rain; the department will be able to use the building next door until the issue is resolved


LATROBE, Calif. — A fire station in California was forced to close after heavy rains caused toxic mold to grow in the walls.

CBS Sacramento reported firefighters with the Latrobe Fire Department started smelling an intense odor in the station after three weeks of heavy rain.

“They did identify mold in three out of the four walls so we had to evacuate the station,” Fire Chief Dave Roberts said.

A fix for the mold could cost the department $100,000. Chief Roberts said the department is currently deciding whether to fix the station or build a new one.

“If it’s determined that the best location is down the road at the five acres down there, we’ll probably look down there at something more permanent,” he said.

Arthur Cory, a resident who owns the building next to the fire station, offered to allow the fire department to operate out of his building.

“It’s very important of course especially in the summertime if you have fires,” Cory said. “It should at least be as good as the old volunteer fire department.”

Chief Roberts said residents will not have to worry about delayed response times.

“It will be exactly like it always has been,” he said. “The response will be quick and the residents shouldn’t have anything to worry about.”