Do we strike the ‘old school’ or ‘new school’ second alarm?

It’s time to standardize your second-alarm assignment for the benefit of your citizens, not just who you want to respond with

I've always been a fan of standardization, at least the kind that does what's best for the people having a need for standardization. Standardization should be for the greater good, right? Not to feed egos or manipulate decisions for self-focused purposes.

Our history of standardizing things in the fire service is pretty colorful. For example, the National Association of Fire Engineers (NAFE), the original parent organization of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), was formed in 1873 to standardize hose couplings. How'd that work out? 

Is it a big deal if New York City hose fits Los Angeles? Probably not. But what makes it curious is why NYC or LA need their "own" couplings. Why not just have ONE standardized hose thread so we can mark that off our so-called standardization bucket list?

Sometimes it's not that simple. Much of "old school" lack of standardization was economical or simply what was invented locally. Changing at this stage doesn't always make sense, unless it interferes with our ability to take care of the people. 

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