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Ga. volunteer firefighters quit after firing of chief

One firefighter said he saw about 10 of his fellow volunteers drop off their gear in front of Polk County Fire Headquarters


Photo/Polk County Fire Rescue

By Laura French

POLK COUNTY, Ga. — A group of volunteer firefighters in Georgia turned in their gear Tuesday to protest the termination of the county’s fire chief.

Photos posted on social media show the gear in a pile on the steps of Polk County Fire Headquarters. Firefighter Christopher Wallace told 11Alive that he saw about 10 firefighters dropping off their gear.

The volunteers reportedly chose to quit due to the firing of Randy Lacey as Polk County fire chief. County Manager Matt Denton said Lacey was fired due to an allegation by the Georgia Firefighters’ Pension Fund that it received falsified information from the department.

Denton released a statement calling the mass resignation “most unfortunate,” saying, “The firefighters who resigned this morning did not quit Polk County Government, they quit the community the served,” according to 11Alive.

Wallace said the mass resignation concerns him due to already existing staffing issues at the department. 11 Alive reported that some of the firefighters who quit told them anonymously that they will not return unless Lacey is reinstated.