Georgia Pacific announces grant opening and offers educational materials

The grant is open to departments located within a 30-mile radius of a Georgia Pacific facility

Georgia Pacific has announced the opening of its Bucket Brigade grant application. The grant can be utilized to purchase essential fire equipment, including turnout gear, SCBA, attack and supply hose, nozzles, communications equipment and more. Grant awards are typically between $1,000 and $10,000. The application period closes on July 5.

All applications are processed by an independent review committee made up of firefighters and civilians. Winners are determined based on need, impact of the grant, and the uniqueness of the submitted story. Awards are usually announced in the fall of the year. 

Georgia Pacific has awarded over $2 million in grants through its Bucket Brigade program since 2006.

Georgia Pacific has awarded over $2 million in grants through its Bucket Brigade program since 2006.
Georgia Pacific has awarded over $2 million in grants through its Bucket Brigade program since 2006. (Image/Georgia Pacific)

Eligibility criteria for a Bucket Brigade Grant

The Bucket Brigade application will include an eligibility quiz before opening access the application. To be eligible to apply for the grant your department must meet the following criteria:

  • Fire department must be a charitable, nonprofit organization as defined by section 501(c)3 of the IRS tax code and other qualified state of local governmental entities;
  • Request must support a community (or communities) served by Georgia Pacific; and
  • Organization must be located within 30 miles of a Georgia Pacific facility.

Electronic application process must be completed in its entirety, including submission of required documents.

Educational materials availability

As part of its program to assist fire departments and local communities, Georgia Pacific also announced that it has partnered with the Cobb County (Georgia) Fire & Emergency Services’ Fire Safety Division to develop engaging educational materials for kids, teachers and parents.

Unlike the Bucket Brigade Grant, the fire prevention and safety materials available through Georgia Pacific can be obtained by any fire department or school in the country. You do not have to be in proximity of a Georgia Pacific facility to access the educational materials.

Printed versions of the following are available by submitting a request to

  • Coloring book: A fun way to teach children all aspects of fire safety, from household hazards, such as hot stoves, to putting out clothing that catches fire. Written in simple English and Spanish, the book also contains safety checklists and quizzes to reinforce important points.
  • Workbook: Using a combination of theory, practical examples, quizzes, games and illustrations, the workbook makes an excellent reference and teaching tool. Students learn about the "anatomy of a fire"; delve into fire safety prevention planning; receive lessons on health issues, including the different types of burns and their treatment; and learn important lessons on general safety.
  • Bookmark: The fire truck bookmark features fire prevention tips and information.

Additional educational materials are available to schools and fire departments. The following are accessible as downloadable PDFs:

  • Teacher’s Guide: A comprehensive planning tool for making the best use of the materials, with tips for communicating key lessons and ideas for incorporating lessons into the overall school curriculum
  • Certificate: A bright way to recognize every student who successfully completes the fire safety education program
  • Fire Safety Checklist: A combination of practical ideas and simple quiz questions create an easy-to-use tool for making the home safer
  • Home Escape Plan: Discussion guide and plan for escaping the home during a fire

Opportunities for smaller rural departments

The Bucket Brigade grant and the free educational materials provided by Georgia Pacific are excellent ways for smaller rural departments to access financial assistance and fire safety materials. Please consider this program as you look at opportunities for your department and coverage area.

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