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RAM Mobile Data Terminal Mounts

RAM Mounts

The new RAM MDT-Mate™ is the perfect mounting solution for mounting mobile data terminals in a wide variety of vehicles. Modular and interchangeable, this new product line easily integrates into RAM’s full line of No-Drill™ vehicle base products and RAM Tough-Box™ consoles. This solution is the most versatile of its kind with single or double keyboard mounting swing arms and easy grip knobs, which allow the mount to be adjusted to achieve optimal performance, operating and stowing positions. Regardless of the mounting location, this system is comfortable to use and provides excellent viewing angles! Designed to support a display at or near the center of the vehicle dash, this system provides five inches of total offset of the MDT mounting surface. Mounted electronics can be positioned where they are needed most, not simply where the mount allows. RAM’s design makes it possible for the operator to safely and efficiently access equipment which is mounted in the dash behind the MDT. The new eight inch flanged upper Tele-pole™ enables optimized positioning, giving installers the freedom to choose the configuration best suited to the vehicle being upfitted. The RAM MDT Mate includes pre-drilled holes to add RAM Mounting bases, enabling the installation of additional devices, keyboards, printers or other peripherals. Integrated cable management ensures that the installer can safely route all associated cables to avoid any safety or operational concerns.

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