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Black Helmet Apparel Attracts 100,000 Facebook Fans

Black Helmet Apparel interacts with fans and offers special promotions to create popular Facebook page

Orlando, FL - Red Bull may have more Facebook fans, but Black Helmet is energized for the long haul with a fan page that has surpassed the 100,000 mark.

Black Helmet Apparel, the two-man firefighter apparel company headquartered in Orlando, is proving you don’t have to be an international branding giant to become a major social media hit.

Black Helmet Apparel launched its Facebook fan page two years ago to help promote its hand-designed, high quality T-shirts, tanks, hoodies and other gear specially crafted for the fashion sense of firefighters. Today, it has tens of thousands more fans that established brands like Dockers and Brooks Brothers combined -- and tens of thousands more fans than cutting-edge labels like Affliction and TapouT.

“When we launched Black Helmet Apparel two years ago, I knew there was an untapped demand for high-quality clothing among firefighters,” said James Love, the 31-year-old firefighter that inspires the niche apparel line. “Still, I’m surprised that we’ve reached 100,000 Facebook fans so quickly. It’s the loyalty of firefighters in action!”

Black Helmet Apparel designs feature fire axes, skulls, wings and other “bad ass” designs for men, women and children. Building on the success of Black Helmet, Love and his co-founder Pedro Sostre recently launched System Protocols, a new clothing line for EMS professionals. The new System Protocols Facebook fan page gathered nearly 1,000 Facebook fans almost immediately after launching.

“Social media is a great brand equalizer,” said Sostre, also CEO of Weblift, the company that manages the website and online marketing for Black Helmet. “Black Helmet Apparel’s fans are more than just customers -- they are an active part of our company. They suggest new designs for shirts, offer feedback on new product lines, and actively share our brand with friends and family.”

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About Black Helmet Apparel

Black Helmet Apparel was founded by a fireman for firefighters. All the designs are hand drawn, and unique. You’ll find no clip art here. You’ll only find the images that relay the fearless, but frightening side of our job. One look should invoke the feeling you feel on the way to the column, and the satisfaction you feel once the fire is out. We don’t want cheesy sayings. Just the simple message. Smoke Showin’. Aggressive Attack. Adapt and Overcome. Fight Fire. Fire Out.