LAFD: more technology will speed response times

The department is looking into new software that can better track equipment and call times

LOS ANGELES — LAFD officials say they are taking steps to reduce response times by incorporating more technology to track equipment and calls.

Deputy Chief David Yamahata said that the department is looking into new computer programs and software that will better track fire equipment during calls, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

A city audit found that the department was not keeping adequate records of equipment and how long it was taking crews to respond to emergencies.

The department has recognized that it has not met federally recommended standards for response times in the past.

The new computer systems would need a minimum of two years to be installed in the city's 106 fire stations.

Department officials are also considering changing the scheduling from 24-hour shifts to eight-hour shifts for firefighters assigned to the 911 center. Administration and union officials will begin discussing the change.

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