Ara rolls out new throwable fire extinguisher

Aerosol canister disperses a powder that will interrupt fire for about 15 minutes

Ara Safety has introduced a newer version of its aerosol canister that can knock down a room-and-contents fire for nearly 15 minutes.

The device removes the fuel from the equation at the molecular level, interrupting the fire tetrahedron, and knocking down flame and heat, the company says.

The Ara Safety Pro can be used in a wide variety of structure fire scenarios, from incipient to fully involved and in defensive, offensive and transitional modes.

The company says the unit will cool a room long enough for a water source to be secured, an interior attack to be launched or a primary search to be conducted.

When using the device where victims may be trapped, the company recommends throwing it as far from the victims as possible and removing the victims as quickly after deployment as possible.

The aerosol flow may disrupt the thermal layers, causing hotter air to move towards the floor momentarily.

In all scenarios, the company recommends that after deploying the device, the fire area be sealed off as much as possible to allow the powder to work.

The company says that its product works best when deployed at the lowest point possible so that the air flow draws the powder into the flames.

Rising hot air will carry the powder upwards and away from the fire. The unit is especially effective for basement fires.

The units cost $997.50 when buying two or more at one time.

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