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HURST Jaws of Life introduces 6 new tools

The debuted tools include cutters, spreaders and combination tools


Photo/Meera Pal

HURST Jaws of Life, Inc. launched six new tools, including cutters, spreaders and combination tools, at FDIC.

The tools, which include the S 312 and S 312E2 cutters, the SP 777 and SP 777E2 spreaders and the SC 358 and SC 358E2 combinations tools, are now available.

The SP 777 spreader is suited for high-strength steel; the SP 777E2 spreader has a single-integrated cylinder body and large blade opening. Both tools are NFPA 1936 2015 compliant.

The S 312 and S 312E2 cutters have a wide blade opening with an NFPA cutter rating of A7/B8/C7/D7/E7. The SC 358 and SC 358E2 combination tools feature a compact cylinder body and increased pulling force.

Visit booth 2108 to preview the new tools.

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