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NY fire department turns to Amkus rescue systems

Amkus Rescue Systems’ hydraulic rescue system saves time and lives, chief says


The Ultimate is a PTO-driven hydraulic rescue system.

Image Amkus Rescue Systems

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Chief Charles Woznick of the Maybrook (N.Y.) Fire Department sought a rescue system capable of operating multiple tools at scenes that also could support firefighters working embankments along highways — without losing tool performance.

The solution was Amkus Rescue Systems’ Ultimate and Super Simo 240SS.

Now, Maybrook firefighters deploy an Amkus Rescue System product at nearly every rescue incident.

“Our firefighters use the Amkus Rescue System and its tools at every extrication call involving motor vehicles of all types, shapes and sizes,” Chief Woznick said. “We also use them in aircraft rescue as well as heavy machinery and industrial incidents. In some cases, we have used them in building collapses.”

The Amkus Ultimate

The Ultimate is a PTO-driven hydraulic rescue system that provides superior performance with maximum versatility. Specifically, the Ultimate can run up to six Amkus tools simultaneously as well as hydraulic generators and low-pressure tools, such as pavement breakers, ventilation fans and chain saws.

At the scene, the Ultimate’s pendant control system lets firefighters use multiple tools and saves valuable compartment space on the rig, according to the company.

In addition, use of long-hose lengths without any loss of speed or power to pre-connecting tools lets personnel grab-and-go.

The Amkus Super Simo 240SS

Chief Woznick said his team also purchased the Super Simo 240SS power unit, a 240-volt single-phase power system that provides performance virtually the same as the Amkus Ultimate system.

The Super Simo 240SS has a complete onboard circuit panel for individual motor and circuit activation, a LED circuit-status display, LCD display for operational diagnostics and integrated low-oil warning and low-oil shutdown.

The Ultimate and the Super Simo systems offer pre-connected tools that can be operated simultaneously and used with hose lengths up to 200 feet.

Both systems use Amkus’ non-toxic mineral- base hydraulic fluid and offer several options, including wireless remote control with emergency shutdown.

Amkus products in the field

Chief Woznick said the department’s heavy rescue squad, R-214, uses the Amkus Ultimate System. The system has five Amkus hydraulic reels with 150 feet of the company’s hydraulic hose. They also purchased the optional wireless remote control.

Other rescue tools that are used with the rescue squad’s system are an AMK-30 CRT spreader (Jaws) tool, an AMK-C15 combo tool, two cutters, an AMK 22 and an AMK 25E.

Chief Woznick said the department’s pumper/rescue, E-210, uses the Amkus 240 SS Super Simo system with two hydraulic reels and 150 feet of hydraulic hose as well.

“On this unit, we have paired up the AMK 30 CRT spreader (Jaws) along with the AMK 25HD cutter,” Chief Woznick said. “There also are two Amkus rams: the AMK 40R and the AMK 20R.”

Other Amkus tools used from Amkus by the department include an AMK C-15 combination tool and extended reach tips for the AMK 30CRT spreader along with a HP 101-STD hand hydraulic pump.

Amkus products are efficient, Chief Woznick said.

“Their cycle time and no loss of power when operating multiple tools are at the top of the list for us,” he said. “There are other key efficiencies that are industry leading as well: The tool balance and ease of handling along with weight ratio is very operator friendly. This in itself cuts down on fatigue to our personal.”

In addition, deploying Amkus also saves time, he said.

“This is important to the people we are responding to as well as to our firefighters,” he said. “Time is very important and managing it becomes crucial in critical situations.”

Amkus also has a reliable product line.

“In the last 32 years, I have experienced the reliability and durability that the Amkus Rescue Systems provides to us,” he said. “This tool has been a lifesaver to us and to the ones we are called upon to help in their time of need.”