Video: Firefighters extricate 3 having sex in car

In the aftermath, one of the girls was left with a pair of broken legs

WENZHOU, China — A group of carefree lovers had their pleasure cut short when their boudoir decided to leave early.

A sexually adventurous trio met on a night out in Wenzhou, China, and after a bit of courting the two girls and a guy opted for a threesome in a parked car.

Some men don’t see the appeal of sleeping with two girls at once, as it simply doubles the chance of them pushing the wrong button — this proved all too true for Chung Yeh, the Ross Geller of the People’s Republic, when he accidentally kicked the handbrake off. The car rolled down a hill and crashed into a tree while the threesome were in flagrante. While the fool who caused the crash walked away without a scratch, the girls weren’t so lucky. One suffered internal bleeding and the other had to be cut free. They later discovered she’d broken both her legs.

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