Firefighter suspended in ambulance vs. fire truck crash

Both rigs were running lights and sirens, but the firefighter driving the ambulance ran a red light

MIAMI — The firefighter driving an ambulance that crashed into a fire truck in August, injuring 12 people, will face disciplinary action.

Both vehicles were responding to calls with lights and sirens activated at the time of the incident, but surveillance video showed the ambulance running a red light, WIOD reported.

"This is a very harsh punishment,” Assistant Fire Chief Pete Gomez said. "The fire chief is sending a very loud message that you will be held accountable if you operate in an unsafe manner."

Department policy requires apparatus drivers to slow down and make sure an intersection is safe before entering, reported the Miami Herald.

"He failed to do that," Gomez said.

The fire truck overturned, injuring seven firefighters, two children and their grandmother, and two people in a car pinned by the spinning fire truck.

Firefighter Gustavo Alzate will be suspended for 96 hours.

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