Houston lost millions in fire equipment during Harvey

The department lost 28 pieces of equipment during the storm, including six engines that cost around $500,000 each

By FireRescue1 Staff

HOUSTON — A Hurricane Harvey Preparation Plan revealed a small amount of flood rescue equipment may have contributed to millions of dollars in losses for the city in totaled fire trucks.

Click2Houston reported that the Houston Fire Department lost 28 pieces of equipment during Hurricane Harvey, including six engines that cost around $500,000 each.

“The reason I think we sank six engine companies is (that) they’re not built for a high-water environment,” Houston Fire Chief Sam Pena said.

The report also showed that the city only owns one high-water vehicle.

“The one high-water vehicle that the department maintains was not operational when it was delivered to the station," Houston Firefighters Association president Patrick Lancton said. "There were mechanical problems with it."

“We don’t even have enough specialized equipment for the expected floods,” Chief Pena said.

Chief Pena also said they only have five rescue boats, and they need 16 to position them in all of the normally expected flooded areas of the city.

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