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N.C. city budget includes electric fire station, apparatus

Charlotte’s proposed spending plan calls for a $48M, three-year investment in three fire stations


Photo/Charlotte Fire Department

By Leila Merrill

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — According to a budget proposal, the city of Charlotte’s new site for Station 30 will be all electric and will include an electric fire truck.

“We are a climate change city, so we are going to try these things,” Mayor Vi Lyles said following a budget presentation last week.

At least three fire facilities are slated to be built, including the electric station, at a cost of $20.8 million, WSOC-TV reported. The $20.8 million is part of a three-year investment with an estimated value of $48 million.

“The budget is for one fire truck, charging apparatus and additional building elements to make it fully electric, and we are happy to share more details as we get closer to design and development,” said city spokesperson Cory Burkarth.

The city council will hold another vote to officially authorize the spending after the budget is passed.

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