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Havis-Shields has rich history

The history of Havis-Shields Equipment Corporation is a story marked by innovation, quality products, and an understanding of customer needs.

Havis-Shields was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 1928 by Dan Havis and Jim Shields as a supplier and service provider of heavy-duty automotive electrical equipment. Through the decades Havis-Shields has distributed and installed emergency vehicle products and in the 1980’s successfully branched into manufacturing.

Havis-Shields introduced its first manufactured product in 1978, the Kwik Raze® telescoping light product line for the fire apparatus market. In 1986 Havis-Shields purchased Collins Dynamics®, a leader in 12-volt spotlight technology to broaden its lighting product line. In 1991, HSEC Caribe was opened as a subsidiary facility in Bayamon, Puerto Rico distributing and installing emergency equipment and providing specialty, training services to both Puerto Rican and U.S. Government agencies ( Also manufactured by Havis-Shields, the Consolidator® product line of in-vehicle consoles and computer mounts, was successfully launched in 1993.

With the success of the Consolidator®, Havis-Shields greatly expanded its in-house metal fabricating capabilities and now produces K-9 transports, motorcycle lighting systems, and prisoner transport solutions and other vehicle accessories. Product line brand names include Kwik-Raze®, Collins Dynamics®, Consolidator®, Questar®, Magnafire 3000®, and Kwik-Kit™ to name a few. All products are proudly made in U.S.A.

Our Experience Makes Us Unique…

Throughout this growth in manufacturing, Havis-Shields has maintained its vehicle service facility where we have been installing our products into all types of fleet vehicles for over 30 years. This invaluable experience lets us identify real solutions and field test for quality, ease of installation and durability.

Additional services we offer include: needs assessment, installation recommendations, CAD design drawings, prototyping and engineering support, knowledgeable sales staff and the various resources to adapt quickly to project changes.

While the operation of Havis-Shields remains in the Shields family after three generations, the true growth and prosperity of Havis-Shields has come from the dedication of its employees and its focus on top quality customer service.

Make Havis-Shields your vehicle solution partner and you’re putting 30 years of both installation and manufacturing experience to work for you.