Emergency City Adds Whacker Instigator Warning Bar to Product Line

Emergency City is proud to announce that it has added the Whacker Instigator LED Light Bar. The Instigator is available in three models; a 6-head warning bar, an 8-head warning bar and a 10-head warning bar.The 6-head model is designed for the grill or deck of mid size vehicles while the 8-head model is designed for larger SUV’s and trucks. The 10-head model is perfect for the back of ambulances, fire trucks or tactical units.

All Instigators use our popular LED module based on the Traffic Cleaner 4 LED Grille Light. There are four 1-watt LEDs with optics designed to intensify each LED. Each module is epoxy sealed allowing for exterior usage without condensation buildup. Changing modules is done by removing two screws and unplugging the connector. This is perfect for field replacement or changing of colors when lighting standards change. A five year warranty is standard on all instigators.

Waterproof design for interior or exterior use
Generation III LED technology
Push button for pattern selection on cigarette plug
On/off switch on cigarette plug
Two L Bracket includes ($18.99 added value)
Syncronizable with other Instigator and Inciter EX units (with/without cigarette plug)
Self-contained patterns: 30 patterns
10 foot cord with cigarette plug

Voltage: 12-24 VDC
4 LEDs per head
Max Current Draw: 0.7 amps per head @12VDC
Length: 6-head 32.1" | 8-head 42.7" | 10-head 53.4"
Five year limited warranty

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