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Paratech Virtual Workshop: US&R and Scene Monitoring with Randy Journigan Jr

Randy Journigan Jr and Nigel Letherby will discuss staging, shoring and monitoring Urban Search and Rescue scenes.

About this event

Date: Thursday, September 9th

Time: 2PM CT / 3PM ET / 19:00 GMT

Instructors: Nigel Letherby--Paratech Training Manager, Randy Journigan Jr.--Spec Rescue

Duration: Presentation 1 hour, up to 30 min QA

Randy Journigan Jr of Spec Rescue will discuss how to use pneumatic struts and wood shoring together for quick, safe rescues. He will go over the tricks of the trade for building quick pneumatic shores to allow for access to collapse interiors while a separate team builds wood shoring, then dissembling pneumatics shores to move further into a building’s interior.

Nigel Letherby will touch on how to use the Rescue Guardian to monitor an evolving rescue scene to maximize the safety of rescuers and victims. Nigel will be going in depth for the first time on use of the Rescue Guardian for monitoring incline, load, and vibration in combination with the iOS and Android apps.


We recommend attendees bring a pad and pencil to take notes, this will be a technical presentation. After the presentation Paratech presenters will be live to respond to questions and comments. You can submit your questions when registering or during the presentation!