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PGI announces the introduction of FireLine Multi Mission dual certified garments

Firefighters and departments are trained and prepared to respond to a wide variety of situations involving fires, explosions, rescues, medical emergencies, hazardous conditions and natural disasters. They also respond to nonemergency service calls, good intent calls and false alarms. Less than 10% of fire department runs actually involve fire. EMS and rescue, good intent, false alarm and incident calls account for about 90% of all reported runs. These brave men and women need to be equipped with the proper PPE for their range of operations. PGI, Inc. is proud to introduce FireLine™ Multi Mission dual certified garments — innovative designs for more of what you do.

The number one fatality in line of duty deaths among firefighters and first responders is sudden cardiac arrest, most of which can be attributed to heat stress, overexertion and pre-existing medical conditions. Studies have shown that modified PPE can substantially reduce heat stress and firefighter fatigue. FireLine Multi Mission PPE is lighter weight, more flexible and better ergonomically designed than traditional turnout gear — reducing heat stress and overall firefighter fatigue.

FireLine Multi Mission garments are engineered to maximize protection, comfort and mobility at a price that’s about one-third the cost of traditional turnout gear. FireLine Multi Mission apparel is engineered for the work you do with proven FR fabrics offering the best combination of flash fire, thermal protection and abrasion resistance in a single-layer garment. FireLine Multi Mission tech rescue gear features articulated elbows and knees, generous gusseting, radial sleeves and anatomical patterning providing unrivaled freedom of movement. High quality construction and an array of options allows for truly custom gear, so firefighters will have the right gear for the right job. The FireLine Multi Mission line offers first responders peace-of-mind protection with enhanced comfort and best-in-class performance.

UL Classified, FireLine Multi Mission PPE meets or exceeds both the NFPA 1951 Standard on Utility Technical Rescue for Protective Apparel as well as the NFPA 1977 Standard on Protective Clothing and equipment for wildland fire fighting.

Jim Sonntag, President, PGI, stated, “At PGI, our drive and relentless commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and service is paramount and we are committed to leading the way in the design and manufacture of high performance PPE. We pride ourselves in employing the most advanced materials and premium accessories, allowing us to create technical products that can be trusted to perform in the most extreme conditions.” Sonntag went on to say, “Our philosophy is to design and manufacture products that are as good as they can possibly be, performing over time and beyond expectation at the point of extreme need.”

Exclusively from PGI, FireLine Multi Mission gear is now available through leading fire service distributors in the US, Canada and throughout the world. For more information visit or call PGI at 800-558-8290.

About PGI
As a market leader in technology-driven personal protective apparel, PGI designs and manufactures innovative garments for firefighters, EMS, police, military and industrial professionals the world over. The PGI line of high-performance products includes Cobra™, Cobra™ NextGen™, and Cobra BarriAire™ Gold Hoods, FireLine™ and FireLine Multi Mission gear, and DriGuard™ FR Base Layer garments. Rooted in America’s heartland, Green Lake, Wisconsin, PGI products meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.