Datalux Corporation Introduces IPIX e-Series

‘All-in-one computers that are energy efficient and economical’

Atlanta, Ga.-- Datalux Corporation today introduced the IPIX e-Series all-in-one computer, designed for low power consumption at an attractive price. Datalux designs all-in-one computers for use in hospital pointof- care applications and for integration into other medical equipment. The new product introduction was made today at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2010 conference and exhibition in Atlanta.

The IPIX e-Series is a completely integrated all-in-one computer including an Intel Atom processor and 19” display in a single enclosure. The IPIX e-Series is a sealed system with no vents, requiring no fan for cooling and with a front panel designed to IP-65 level of protection against the ingress of moisture and dust. The systems will be available for delivery in May 2010.

The Intel Atom processor and a super-efficient 19” LCD display combine to make the Datalux IPIX e-Series the most energy-efficient, sealed all-in-one available today. The IPIX e-Series fully supports Windows 7 Professional, and can be delivered with Windows XP Professional installed (OEM downgrade). The system is also available with Ubuntu Linux.

Other features of the IPIX e-Series include five (5) USB ports, RS-232, integrated stereo speakers and microphone, Gigabit Ethernet and an optional built-in camera. Wireless connectivity can be added with an optional internal 802.11 a/b/g/n card and optional Bluetooth wireless. The 160GB SATA hard disk drive is shock mounted and is removable (many hospitals require that the hard drive be removed for service).

An optional internal Lithium ion battery can provide back-up power in locations such as hallways or patient rooms where a UPS system might be inconvenient to install. The battery also can allow other power supplies (such as external battery systems on mobile carts) to be changed without shutting down the computer.

“The threat of bacterial infections in hospitals is a major challenge to the healthcare industry. Datalux combats this threat by designing sealed computers, such as the IPIX e-Series that can be sprayed and wiped clean with hospital disinfectants,“ said Gary Davis, Datalux corporate director of sales and marketing. “Sealing the device to IP-65 provides a standard for ensuring that our IPIX e-Series will resist moisture.”

All molded plastic parts contain an antimicrobial additive that releases silver ions when bacteria contact the surface of the computer. These ions interact with the bacteria to prevent it from spreading, multiplying or surviving. The IPIX is also fan-less, which prevents contaminants from getting into the computer and re-depositing them into the atmosphere. The patented IPIX design channels heat away from critical internal components without the need for a cooling fan.

Designed to be compliant with IEC-60601-1 (an international requirement certifying the product is safe for use in patient care environments) the mobile, energy-efficient IPIX computer uses an industry standard VESA mount, allowing it to easily be mounted on a mobile cart or wall mount.

Proudly made in America, the IPIX e-Series was designed and will be built and supported at Datalux Corporation’s headquarters and manufacturing plant in Winchester, Virginia. The e-Series is backed with a standard 3-year, return-tofactory warranty.

Datalux will also be introducing a new Intel Core2 Duo-based, sealed IPIX computer with a 19” display and several new features, including a touch-screen, at the HIMSS Conference in Atlanta.

About Datalux

Headquartered in Winchester, Va., Datalux Corporation designs and manufactures Space Saver compact keyboards, industrial LCD displays and compact, durable computers. Datalux TRACER and IPIX brand all-in-one computers are designed for settings with limited space and significant mobility requirements. They offer considerable value and energy efficiency without sacrificing the computing power of conventional computers. Tooling, plastic injection molding, PC board (PCB) layout and final assembly all are executed at the Datalux Winchester, Va., headquarters. The company’s core competence lies in its ability to design and package computer systems to meet unique computing requirements. For more information please visit

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