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Chief John Oates: “Can we just retire the ‘it’s a generational thing’ mindset?”

The IPSDI CEO argues that labeling firefighters by arbitrary birth years is unfair, too convenient and shortchanges the conversation around individuality

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For all the boomers to Gen Z firefighters out there, today’s episode digs into critical questions: Do generational differences even exist, and why are we so intent on defining people by the year they were born? Chief John Oates, CEO of the International Public Safety Data Institute (IPSDI), shares his perspective on the issue with Zam and Janelle.

We dig into all of this:

  • Generational differences vs. lifespan development differences
  • How to avoid the “generational crutch” in training, leading by individual, not groups
  • Three “unviolatable” aspects of the fire service
  • The traits Oates looks for in people he wants to work with

Don’t miss the chief’s take on being endlessly asked “Where’s Daryl Hall?” (Apologies, chief!)

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