Top 10 gripes about SCBA

We gave readers a chance to weigh in on the worst thing about their SCBA

Firefighters are typically not ones to keep quiet when asked what they like or don't like about their gear. And when we asked about SCBA, you chimed in.

Common complaints were fogging, lack of good voice communication and the weight. Those aside, we selected some of the more interesting and humorous remarks.

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1. "The damn pass alarms never shut up even while in motion, and HUD never works even with new batteries." — Lee Reisling

2. "I'm old school and I miss my low-pressure hose (elephant trunk)!" — Robert Simmons

3. "It doesn't withstand heat the way that the rest of the gear does. So when a firefighter gets trapped, they may not burn up per say, but the face mask still melts — and we know what that results in. Why don't they start upgrading them to be more heat-resistant?" — Joshua David Rodrigues

4. "Not being cool-looking like the ones on 'Chicago Fire!'" — John Campbell

5. "When sweat gets in my eyes and I can't wipe them." — Chris Corbett

6. "Nothing. Thankful I'm in the era that has them." — Eric Donnelly

7. "The shoulder pressure gauge getting hung up. And the air reducer block could be slimed down making it easy to get through a wall breach." — Damian Santana

8. "Straps not staying tight and twisting." Daniel W. Hanks

9. "Can't wear my glasses while packed up and I don't like the eyeglass kit." — Doug Hesson

10. "Twenty years ago all steel bottles went away and shed 25 percent of the weight. Now there's so much stuff hanging on the frame, the things weigh as much as before. Or, I'm getting old." — Chuck Barrie

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