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Starrett Announces Pneumatic Recip Saw Blades for Increased Productivity

ATHOL, MA — The L.S. Starrett Company has recently added a new line of saw blades to their power tool accessory line that are designed specifically for pneumatic (or air) reciprocating saws. Pneumatic saws, which are widely used in metal fabricating facilities, the sheet metal industry, auto body shops and other various applications, are less bulky than electric reciprocating saws and safer in hazardous atmospheres or where wet conditions could cause electric shock.

The new Starrett Pneumatic Reciprocating Saw Blades utilize exclusive Starrett bi-metal unique® technology. In controlled tests, bi-metal unique saw blades cut up to 20% faster and lasted 22% longer than five other premium blades. bi-metal unique® technology joins two strips of high-speed steel wires to a backing steel in a solid phase, using the principle of solid-state diffusion bonding. This technology is totally different from traditional weld or laser bonding, which relies on metal fusion as the union agent at the interface.

The proprietary solid-state diffusion process generates 170% more weld contact area compared to existing bi-metal high-speed steels. The result is significantly reduced fracture and breakage at the high speed steel/ backing material interface.

The Starrett Pneumatic Recip Blade line includes three different blades for cutting metal-- offered in 18, 24 or 32 teeth per inch (TPI) and a variable pitch (14-18 TPI) multi-purpose blade for cutting composites, steel sheet and wood. In length x thickness x width, blades are 3-5/8 x .024 x 1/2” (92 x .6 x 13mm). Each blade is available in packages of 5, 20 and 50. In addition to being the world’s pre-eminent manufacturer of precision measuring tools and equipment, Starrett is also a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of band saw blades, hacksaw blades, hole saws, jig/reciprocating blades and specialty saw products. Blades are manufactured in Mt. Airy, NC, USA; Jedburgh, Scotland; and Itu, Brazil.

For more information on Starrett Pneumatic Reciprocating Blades and other products, contact:

L.S. Starrett Company
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Athol, MA 01331.
Telephone (978) 249-3551, or Fax (978) 249-8495.