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Video: Texas FD getting new blocking apparatus made from old engine

Travis County ESD No. 2 Chief Nick Perkins said “a large traffic light that has a directional arrow” communicates to drivers and the “scorpion tail” protects people


By Leila Merrill

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — Travis County ESD No. 2 is about to receive an unusual specialty vehicle, CBS Austin reported.

The new blocking apparatus was made from an older engine that was going to be taken out of service.

The blocking apparatus has an articulated impact attenuator that lowers into position and a digital traffic direction sign.

Chief Nick Perkins said the vehicle is designed to save lives.

“It kind of does 3 things. Like the video shows, we call it a scorpion tail. It’s a traffic attenuator and when that device comes down there’s also a large traffic light that has a directional arrow so it will be communicating to traffic where they need to move, where they need to go,” Perkins said. “You have this large object that is protecting the scene where the first responders are working on the patient and the crash victims. Then the attenuator, if somebody hits that, it is able to absorb a lot of that impact that not only spares the fire truck from being potentially damaged or moved, but also lessens the impact on the person that has struck the vehicle.”