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Canada firefighters’ hoses freeze in frigid temperatures

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SASKATOON, Canada — The icy weather on the Prairies is making some jobs absolutely miserable.

Saskatoon firefighters had to battle more than just flames when they extinguished a mobile home fire this morning.

The wind chill there made if feel like minus 40 — not exactly the type of weather that makes a firefighters’ job very easy.

Bob Fawcett, the city’s deputy fire chief, says some of their equipment isn’t meant to work at such frigid temperatures.

Some hoses froze solid as they battled the flames.

Bruce Seimens, a 20-year veteran, says masks also get frosted up and that makes it tougher for firefighters to see out of them.

Special precautions are taken in extremely cold weather.

Extra trucks and crews are brought in to make sure firefighters don’t work out in the cold for too long.

Forecasters say the cold weather should ease up later in the week.

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