Stolen ambulance blocked by DC fire truck

Dave Statter

WASHINGTON — The crew from Ambulance 30 reports they were assaulted by the man they were treating for a drug overdose in the back of the ambulance on Monday night. Police suspect the patient was under the influence of PCP when he pushed the firefighters from the ambulance and began driving away.

The crew used a portable radio to put in an urgent call for police. The crew from Engine 30 which had just left the ambulance in the 5200 block of Clay Street, NE heard the call for help. The man had driven the ambulance about 16 blocks when Engine 30's crew blocked his path in the 4400 block of Hayes Street. DC Fire & EMS Department Chief Dennis Rubin said the man rammed the ambulance into the engine.

According to Rubin, the firefighters were joined by police as they subdued the man. He was then taken by another ambulance to the hospital for treatment, but this time in restraints.

The two firefighters aboard Ambulance 30 were also slightly hurt. The ambulance suffered significant damage, but there was only minor damage to the fire engine.

Chief Rubin credits the crew from Engine 30 with getting a quick resolution to a dangerous situation.

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