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Introducing the Badger trailer

The Badger trailer is the world’s first overland response unit


LAKE IN THE HILL, Ill. – In a groundbreaking leap forward for emergency response, we proudly unveil The Badger – a compact yet powerful solution designed to meet the evolving needs of modern-day emergencies.

The Badger is meticulously crafted to be small, yet fiercely reliable, boasting an efficient footprint that belies its robust functionality. With a focus on modularity and ease of use, The Badger packs a punch in addressing a multitude of scenarios, from Incident Command to Disaster Response and beyond.

What sets The Badger apart is its versatility. Configurable for various deployment specifications, including Wildland, UAV Operations, and Disaster response, this innovative unit stands ready to tackle the toughest challenges.

But perhaps the most remarkable feature of The Badger is its accessibility. Priced at just one-third the cost of regular standard trailers, it offers all the essential equipment required for overland usage or within constrained spaces.

“The Badger represents a paradigm shift in emergency response,” says Chris Gantz, CEO. “With its compact design and comprehensive capabilities, it redefines what’s possible in crisis situations.”

Equipped with state-of-the-art communications, connectivity, power, lighting, and rehabilitation amenities, The Badger ensures that responders have everything they need, wherever they are.

For agencies and organizations seeking a cost-effective, yet high-impact solution for emergency preparedness, The Badger is the answer. Join us as we usher in a new era of overland response capability.

JHB Group is getting support from industry leaders including Michelin Tires, Tecniq, Peplink, sPOD, Overland Vehicle Systems, Hypha, and GoPower.

About JHB Group, Inc.:

JHB Group is a firefighter-owned and operated small business located just outside Chicago, specializing in public safety solutions and training innovation for fire, police, and military agencies across the globe. JHB Group stands out for its corporate DNA as First Responders and First Defenders within the public sector. From its US-patented mobile units designed for law enforcement, firefighting, and military agencies to the world’s first augmented reality (AR) fire extinguisher training tool, JHB Group is driven to break boundaries, challenge tradition, and embrace innovation. (

For more information on The Badger, visit or contact 657-667-3473.