Nozzle maintenance: lube the moving parts


By Mark van der Feyst

The nozzle needs to be properly maintained in order for it to work properly. It does not matter what type or make of a nozzle that is being used, they all need to be maintained in a generic fashion. It is important to make sure that all moving parts are well lubricated. This will involve the handle that is used to open and close the nozzle, the bale which is used to adjust the pattern and the female coupling. All of these parts move and can seize up if not lubricated on a regular basis.

The gasket inside the female coupling also needs to be checked for integrity and dryness. If it is dry, it can be lubricated with a water-base silicone or whatever the manufacturer recommends. The nozzle also needs to be washed and be kept clean. Dirt, dust and road grime will cause the nozzle to seize up if not washed and kept clean. While examining the nozzle, look for any missing parts that may be visible. One such area is the front of the nozzle where there may be a spinning disk with fins for water distribution or the rubber bale which may have the fins permanently attached. When these parts are missing or damaged, they will cause the nozzle to work inefficiently.

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