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GroundWorx AI soil monitoring technology to play a critical role in wildfire prevention

In an innovative leap for wildland firefighting, GroundWorx announces its cutting-edge soil moisture technology, leveraging machine learning, is poised to play a critical role in fire risk assessment and management


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Press Release

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - As wildfires continue to pose significant threats globally, GroundWorx’s system offers a proactive solution, leveraging advanced sensors to gauge soil moisture levels - a key factor in predicting and preventing wildfire outbreaks.

GroundWorx’s sophisticated sensor network, the GX-1 Platform, is designed to provide real-time, accurate readings of soil moisture, salinity, and temperature. This data is essential in identifying areas at heightened risk of wildfires, particularly in regions prone to dry conditions. By pinpointing potential hotspots, GroundWorx aids firefighting teams in deploying resources more effectively, enhancing preparedness and response strategies. It is ideal for use in monitoring soil moisture in frequent burn areas where structures and communities are threatened, where understanding plant available moisture in these areas is critical for determining ignition potential due to plant hydration.

Conservation and Cost-Effectiveness

Beyond wildfire prevention, GroundWorx offers substantial benefits in water conservation and cost savings. The system’s precision in measuring soil conditions ensures optimal watering, reducing excessive resource use and preserving critical water supplies. This approach not only bolsters environmental conservation efforts but also translates to significant financial savings for land managers and agriculturalists.

Machine Learning: A Step Ahead in Turf Management

The integration of machine learning in GroundWorx’s technology enables predictive analysis of turf behavior under varying conditions. This feature is invaluable for anticipating changes in vegetation moisture and health, factors that directly influence wildfire risks.

Versatility Across Applications

While primarily developed for turf management in golf courses and agricultural lands, GroundWorx’s applications extend to various sectors, including municipal parks, real estate developments, and more. Its adaptability makes it a versatile tool in managing green spaces across diverse environments.

About GroundWorx®

GroundWorx®, a division of Gravity Technologies LLC, is dedicated to providing proactive soil management and water conservation solutions. Through innovation and technology, GroundWorx strives to connect caretakers with the land they manage, fostering smarter, more sustainable practices.

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