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NY fire department buys cooling tent for first responders

The “fast shelter” offers relief for EMS personnel working mass casualty incidents


The Durhamville FD Fast Shelter offers relief to first responders.

Photo/Eric Wilcox

DURHAMVILLE, N.Y. — The Durhamville Volunteer Fire Department purchased a $4,000 tent for first responders to use as a shelter at large-scale incidents.

The 10-foot by 20-foot tent can be heated or air conditioned to offer relief for responders working large-scale incidents. Durhamville FD also used money from a donation to outfit the “Fast Shelter” with cots and a misting unit, reported the Observer-Dispatch.

“It keeps the firefighters out of the elements and makes it easier for us to help them,” said Durhamville Fire Department Lt. Kim Simchik. “We are the only fire department in Oneida County and Madison County that has a rehab unit.”

The tent was recently used at a July 21 warehouse fire where numerous fire, ambulance and police units were present on the scene.

Responders at the scene said the tent came in handy as a place to cool off.

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