What's the best or worst thing you've seen in a fireground rehab section?

Rehabbing is among the most important safety aspects on a fire scene; here's some examples of good and bad rehab

At a fire scene, it's important to have a place for firefighters to cool off, lower their blood pressure, hydrate, rest and eat. And it's a place to get treated for injuries.

And while some try to take on a "tough guy" mentality of just pushing through, we must realize that taking time for our physical health makes us more efficient firefighters and keeps others on scene safer if they don't have to stop to rescue or render aid to the "tough guy."

We asked our fans on Facebook for some examples of the best and worst things they've seen in a rehab section. Here are some of their responses.

And if you haven't already, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

1."The best thing was bottomless Taco Bell tacos and all the water you can drink courtesy of the Red Cross. The worst was the ensuing vomit." — Alex Bond

2."I love seeing people trying to act tough and trying to bypass rehab. Who are you trying to impress? When did rehydrating and cooling down become a sign of weakness?" — Nick Wilson

3."The worst thing is going to rehab in the winter time after being wet and getting cold. That is really bad." — Jeff Darius

4."Worst thing was probably McDonald's on the scene. All guys stopped working. The best would be fans and chairs." — Jill Mattingly

5."Worst thing was a warming trailer where you could still see your breath since the heater didn't work." — Jesse Derby

6."Wouldn't know. We just put the fire out then go home." — Dominic Drews

7."Best: cooling chairs that you submerge your arms in cool water, food and Gatorade. Worst: cartons of cigarettes and logs of dip and soda." — Shevais M. Shrum

8."Best thing: ice pops!" — Josh Shank

9."The worst thing? Watching a probie snag the last piece of pizza in his third romp through the line. He grabbed it just as our chief was reaching for it. Chief hadn’t eaten a thing yet and wanted to make sure everyone had something to eat before he took his first bite. Major party foul, especially since chief bought the pizzas out of his own pocket." — Micahel Beane

10."Finding out the food you just ate from the rehab unit was expired and moldy. I don't know what's worse — no food or moldy food." — John Rosandich

11."Best: mist fans and chairs with ice bags on the side. Worst: stale donuts and ice cold coffee and tea." — Andrew Kociumbas

12."Not having one at all." — Nick Proctor

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