Detroit FF allegedly crashed apparatus while responding to call intoxicated

The Detroit Fire Department is investigating after firefighters allegedly traveled to a party in the apparatus and consumed alcohol while on duty

By Laura French

DETROIT — An investigation is underway at the Detroit Fire Department after a firefighter allegedly responded to an emergency intoxicated and crashed a fire apparatus into a car. 

Multiple firefighters are under scrutiny after they were accused of traveling to a party at another station in the Squad 6 apparatus while on duty Sunday night, where they allegedly consumed alcohol before responding to a medical emergency, according to Click On Detroit

A woman who called for help after her sister became ill says the engine crashed into her car when responding to the call. The Squad 6 firefighters were reportedly at an event at the Engine 50 station about two miles away from where the patient was, while the Squad 6 station is about half a mile away, according to Click on Detroit. 

While some sources described the event as a large party, the fire department called it a dinner. Click on Detroit reported that the firefighter who was driving the apparatus was taken for a drug and alcohol test and had a blood alcohol content of .108, but officials did not publicly state the firefighter's specific level of intoxication. Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones stated that at least one firefighter is known to have consumed alcohol and said he was "outraged someone would consume alcohol and drive an emergency response vehicle."

The firefighter who was driving the rig was not arrested at the scene but has been suspended, according to Jones, and the case has been turned over to the Detroit Police Department. 

Jones also said that an investigation will be conducted into who was present at Engine 50 that night, who was drinking, and if any department superiors were aware of the situation. 


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