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Video: FDNY truck, ambulance crash; 1 dead, 11 injured

A heart attack patient died and eight FDNY members were injured when the ladder truck T-boned the ambulance



By Laura French

NEW YORK — A patient died and 11 others, including eight FDNY members, were injured after an FDNY ladder truck collided with an FDNY ambulance in Brooklyn early Thursday morning

Ladder 102 T-boned the ambulance carrying the heart attack patient at an intersection at about 12:45 a.m., according to WABC. The patient was pronounced dead and his sister, who was in the ambulance with him, was seriously injured.

The collision caused the ambulance to strike a third vehicle; two people in that vehicle were transported and are in stable condition, according to NBC New York.

Six firefighters and two EMTs were also injured; one EMT sustained a leg injury and another complained of pain. The firefighters’ exact injuries were not reported but were said to not be serious.

Family members said the man who died in the crash was Jamil “Mike” Almansouri, 59, a local bodega owner.

Both FDNY vehicles had their lights activated when the crash occurred. Officials said the ladder truck was responding to a fire on the fifth floor of an eight-story building.

The cause of the collision is being investigated.