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Ohio FF-medic who received kidney from colleague dies unexpectedly

Greene Township Fire & EMS officials said Firefighter-Paramedic Mike Weissmann’s death came as a shock, as he’d been improving after the kidney donation from Lt. Jeff Williams


Photo/Green Township Fire & EMS Facebook

By Laura French

CINCINNATI, Ohio — An Ohio firefighter-paramedic who received a kidney transplant in June through a donation from a colleague has died unexpectedly, officials say.

Green Township Firefighter-Paramedic Mike Weissmann had suffered from chronic kidney problems and received a kidney donated by Green Township Fire & EMS Lt. Jeff Williams sometime around June 22, according to updates from the agency’s Facebook page. The transplant was successful and both Weissmann and Williams were “home and on the road to recovery” following the operation, officials said.

“Although his health had not yet risen to a level where he could come back to work, the donated kidney gave him a new lease on life; one where he could once again get out and take walks, and return to his hobbies which lifted his spirits,” the agency wrote on Thursday. “As recently as yesterday Weissmann was putting up Halloween decorations with his family.”

Weissmann’s death on Wednesday night was “sudden and unexpected, and quite a surprise for us” the agency said. Officials thanked the community for their support for Weissmann over the months and asked that he and his family be kept in their thoughts and prayers.[0]=AZWxc9H780pHTk8pW33T0je9pNINzXttg5f_TRPwDL4ag4UstTZdyWMuF5qJX452ZZOpjM308394wVqdcTPSXdaO6w1aQIJsPMKVmzuabbpk-9jMuje8B2BbMPr26X2Ondv8A-AIN5lM4H8LAiyHaG_iPO2h7D2MsUZgRmRwFxeI46yjBGVt1NqkVCYm-GtdxLo&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R