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Stranded motorist who fatally shot FF reportedly thought vampires were hunting him

Justin Moore’s mother described her son’s declining health and offered her condolences to the family of slain firefighter Jacob Tyler McClanahan


Photo/Harrison Township Fire Department

By Leila Merrill

HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. — The stranded motorist who shot and killed volunteer Firefighter Jacob Tyler McClanahan had run out of gasoline Monday night, pulled his vehicle over and, according to his mother, thought vampires were after him at the time of the shooting.

The motorist, Justin Moore, was shot and killed by a police officer who arrived on scene following McClanahan’s shooting.

Moore’s mother, Rachel Crisp, told reporters that he had been in declining health and having delusions.[0]=AZV_OKYjjx6RDVQ3ihbjFnKW1WDZ_HXFptTZgxZvwkFcLgO8uwrsqxO4ncd4Mq4BcZG2SvG0G8MeQT3jNv91Xfibmi4eLluJEPwHbM295r_VdGbyfjpQGM38YBesPsszDuBKXyRo6LRGZa114h9hZenLZcxvnOJwl9z6_FaSgkpHrnjke2B-PcdMkYyO1D-W5Ho&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

“He was talking about vampires following him home. Just crazy nonsense stuff like that, it just doesn’t make any sense,” she told WHAS11.

She said her son believed he was a werewolf and that most of his family members were vampires.

Crisp offered her sympathy to the firefighter’s family.

“He was just there trying to help my son,” she said of McClanahan. “I feel sorry for his parents, and his family members. Here he was, trying to do a good deed and everything, and then get caught up in the mess like this and end up losing his life.”