Firefighter saves medic from being stabbed

Firefighters wrestled the patient down, disarming him until police arrived; the paramedic was unharmed

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa fire officials say one of their own disarmed a potential potential stabbing suspect during a call Saturday.

Crews were only blocks away Saturday when they received a call for a male with breathing problems near the 5100 block of East 11th Street. When they arrived, firefighters say a male inside an antique store in the area seemed to be breathing erratically.

They asked the patient to step outside the store and sit on a metal parking bumper in order to evaluate him further, but the patient refused and said it was cooler inside the store. After firefighters convinced the man that it was cooler outside, he stepped out with them.

Full story: Firefighter disarms patient in potential paramedic stabbing

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