Ohio firefighters train for new response to mayday calls

Instead of managing a mayday call from the outside-in, crews will manage it from the inside-out

By FireRescue1 Staff

LOVELAND, Ohio — Firefighters took a new approach to handling mayday calls during live-fire training this week. 

Loveland-Symmes Fire Department recruits learned how to maneuver hose lines through a four-story burning building during a mock rescue scenario, reported WLWT.

“We have this new training tower and we’re going to be conducting a live fire training,” Capt. Bruce Hawk said. “It will get as real as possible without it being a true event.”

Instead of managing the mayday call from the outside-in, crews will manage the call from the inside-out.

“This way, the crews working closely with the mayday firefighter will be able to be the first ones to respond,” Capt. Hawk said. 

Firefighters learned how to safety evacuate a trapped firefighter in the event they are injured or lost during a fire. 

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