Texas colleges offering programs for EMT, firefighter students

San Jacinto College and Houston Community College are offering programs for both careers, allowing graduates to work after testing

By FireRescue1 Staff

SAN ANTONIO — Two local colleges are offering programs for aspiring firefighters and EMTs.

MySanAntonio.com reported that San Jacinto College and Houston Community College are offering programs for both careers – all of which allow graduates to work after testing.

"Our EMTs are trained to assess patients and treat them appropriately, apply IV therapy, learn pharmaceuticals/drugs, cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, OBGYNs, special needs, safety, therapists/mental health and other health situations, such as low blood sugar, diabetes and how to land a helicopter and we also have helicopter come out," Kristine Kern, instructor for the San Jacinto College EMS program, said.

At San Jacinto College, the EMT courses can be taken in one semester or during a summer semester. The paramedic program is three semesters long, according to the report. At Houston Community College, the EMT program is 16 weeks for basic EMT, 24 weeks for EMT Advanced and 40 weeks for the paramedic program.

"Our EMT students, both day and night students, have clinical work in hospitals or in an ambulance, that is part of the course," Kern said. "Paramedics also have an internship, working in the field/hospital."

In the fire program at San Jacinto College, firefighter students learn about hazmat awareness, safety, the equipment they wear, use and how to care for it, according to the report.

"In the fire program, students typically attend lectures two or three times a week and the remainder is hands-on skills sessions that involve ladders, hoses, ventilation, forcible entry and search and rescue," Alvin Collins, dean of Houston Community College, said.

At Houston Community College, fire classes are offered for 18 weeks full-time day, 28 weeks on weekends only and 36 weeks for night/weekend students. At San Jacinto College, two programs are offered and classes are held annually, four days a week, eight hours a day for 18 weeks. They also provide night classes.

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