25 part-time Minn. firefighters to be laid off

The firefighters expected to be laid off eventually due to a new plan, but officials surprised them with an earlier date than expected

By FireRescue1 Staff

MAPLEWOOD, Minn. — A surprising city plan left 25 part-time firefighters shocked after an upcoming date was set for them to laid off.

Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported that the Maplewood firefighters were aware for several months that they would eventually be laid off due to a change in the staffing model, but did not expect the suggested layoff date of March 1.

“We’ve given up holidays, family vacations. We’ve showed up in the middle of the night … and all of a sudden, there’s zero recognition of that,” a Maplewood Volunteer Firefighters Relief Association board member said, declining to be named. “That’s probably the single most back-stabbing frustration we could express.”

Maplewood city officials said they hired a consultant to figure out how to handle the increasing emergency call volume, and it was suggested that nine full-time firefighters replace the 25 part-time employees.

The volunteer board members said they were willing to comply until the early layoff date was suggested, along with small severance packages.

The city argues that the part-time firefighters aren’t always available to respond, and the city needs more predictability to handle the large call volume.

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