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An internal investigation found that Kansas City Firefighter Brenda Paikowski was “more likely than not” subjected to three years of harassment in violation of city policies
Columbia River Fire & Rescue’s insurer will no longer take new claims due to whistleblower, wrongful termination and hostile workplace lawsuits
An Orlando firefighter is on administrative leave over his reaction to a kitchen joke
The St. Petersburg city council took the first steps towards an independent review of allegations about Fire Chief Jim Large
St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch said interviews produced no direct evidence of violations by Fire Chef James Large
Three Black Kansas City firefighters say they have experienced a hostile work environment and retaliation for speaking to investigators
A severance agreement bars Portland Division Chief Tim Matthews from filing a lawsuit he had considered earlier
Mobile Firefighter Kay’Ana Adams accuses the city of creating a hostile work environment within the department
St. Petersburg Fire Chief Jim Large is accused of fostering a hostile workplace toward women and minorities
An attorney for St. Petersburg Fire Chief Jim Large said the allegations are politically motivated
Assistant Chief Michael Massucci allegedly harassed and intimidated Lieutenant Timothy Walton for several years
Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh’s initiatives take cues from NYPD in reporting responsibilities and disciplinary action
Newbern Mayor Patrick Braxton says fellow volunteer firefighters locked him out the fire station and left him alone at fires
Larry Whithorn said West Covina fired him in 2019 due to age bias and retaliation for reporting a hostile work environment caused by harassment
Melbourne Firefighter Aaron Starkey also alleged that after he brought the image to the union’s attention, he was confronted by the accused chief