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L.A. Fire Department Capt. Erik Scott said the heat of the fire set off the ammunition in one of the houses, leaving the impression that a gun was being fired
The Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation was barred from fundraising after falling behind on paperwork
The initial call was for two vehicles on fire inside a Hollywood carport
Union says the department only functions because personnel work additional 24-hour shifts each month
Los Angeles Animal Services’ Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team and the LAFD Urban Search and Rescue team worked together
The department warned drivers never to cross a fire hose, saying “the potential for life-altering injuries is very real”
In the battle to save the historic Victory Baptist Church, 10 firefighters experienced near misses
Grant Calcaterra applied to be a firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department before returning to college football
Armando Hogan, a former spokesman for the agency, had been on administrative leave since Oct. 13
In “Boyd Street,” those who were on scene recount the incident and the following months of recovery and departmental self-assessment
Assistant Chief Ellsworth Fortman was charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a valid license in January 2020
“It was a fierce firefight,” department spokesperson Brian Humphrey said about the blaze that destroyed a pet hotel
A mayday call went out after the ceiling and walls at Victory Baptist Church collapsed
More than 180 firefighters, 19 fire engines and 13 trucks responded to the blaze that included five connected commercial structures