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Discrimination – unjust or prejudicial treatment, particularly on the grounds of race, age, or sex – is an unfortunate reality in many industries, including the fire service. Discrimination has been alleged in fire service hiring, disciplinary and termination practices, as well as the treatment of members of all ranks, from firefighter through fire chief. The FireRescue1 Discrimination information page shares news about discrimination-related allegations, charges and lawsuits; recent events like the 2020 protests of social injustices within public safety agencies; and expert analysis to help reduce discrimination – and subsequent lawsuits – in the fire service.

Central County Fire and Rescue Firefighter David Horning was fired two years before his retirement while he was pursuing a light-duty assignment
Kokomo Division Chief Glenda Myers claims male employees, who are not certified fire investigators, are regularly sent to investigate fires
Captain Barbara Hack is suing the City of Topeka over her claim that she was passed over for promotions due to being a woman
A severance agreement bars Portland Division Chief Tim Matthews from filing a lawsuit he had considered earlier
Whether to respond (or care) based upon who needs our help CANNOT be part of the equation
Newbern Mayor Patrick Braxton says fellow volunteer firefighters locked him out the fire station and left him alone at fires
Encouraged to join the department by a group she now leads, Wilson hopes to elevate the role of diversity in hiring practices
Melbourne Firefighter Aaron Starkey also alleged that after he brought the image to the union’s attention, he was confronted by the accused chief
“I am not willing to give our health for him,” Sacramento Firefighter Timothy John Keyes wrote on Facebook, according to a disciplinary letter
Assistant Fire Chiefs Michael Gala, Joe Jardin and Michael Massucci want to be reinstated to their prior ranks and to receive damages
New Haven Lt. Samod Rankins alleges discrimination based on race and disability
“We’re sick of waiting, sick of being hazed, sick of being harassed and sick of dealing with this,” said Vulcan Society President Regina Wilson
Recently demoted Chief Michael Gala told Arnaldo Rodriguez not to return to the academy
We have to train company officers how to deal with these issues
The Missouri department was also the subject of an investigative series by the Kansas City Star into allegations of decades of discrimination