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Racism is prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group. The FireRescue1 racism resource page includes news about how racism has been demonstrated in the fire service, as well as lawsuits and disciplinary actions related to alleged racist behaviors by fire service personnel. The page also includes tools that firefighters of all levels can use to address racism within the industry, plus information about how departments and organizations are confronting the problem. Learn what it means to commit to a diverse and inclusive department, listen to a podcast about enhancing diversity within the fire service ranks, and read one chief’s plea to firefighters to acknowledge the existence of institutional racism in the fire service in order to make positive change.

Nearly 20 years after court ruling, Black Chicago firefighters continue to call attention to alleged continual workplace discrimination
Three Black Kansas City firefighters say they have experienced a hostile work environment and retaliation for speaking to investigators
Whether to respond (or care) based upon who needs our help CANNOT be part of the equation
Newbern Mayor Patrick Braxton says fellow volunteer firefighters locked him out the fire station and left him alone at fires
Encouraged to join the department by a group she now leads, Wilson hopes to elevate the role of diversity in hiring practices
Lt. Samod Rankins said he is “happy to be back,” but also is continuing his suit against New Haven
New Haven Lt. Samod Rankins alleges discrimination based on race and disability
“We’re sick of waiting, sick of being hazed, sick of being harassed and sick of dealing with this,” said Vulcan Society President Regina Wilson
Casilia Loessberg’s participation in anti-sexual-harassment training empowered her to “fully fight the mistreatment she was enduring,” her lawsuit said
Some have called for a new chief from outside of the Missouri department
The Missouri department was also the subject of an investigative series by the Kansas City Star into allegations of decades of discrimination
Veteran Kansas City Kansas Firefighter Leejamahl A. Washington says his co-workers wore Nazi memorabilia, and he found a noose in front of his locker
Some department members called Lt. Jared Russo “Racist Rover,” and one said he praised Hitler
Sacramento Firefighter Waris Gildersleeve alleges that his colleagues tried to sabotage his career with damaged or old training resources, which led to injury
Former Coweta firefighter Hunter Forsyth’s alleged affiliation with a white supremacist group was unearthed