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4 FDNY firefighters injured at commercial fire

The firefighters were treated for heat-related injuries after responding to a blaze at Bargain Land on Coney Island

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By Jessie Forand

CONEY ISLAND, N.Y. — Four FDNY firefighters were taken to the hospital for treatment of heat-related injuries on Monday.

The four-alarm fire inside a Bargain Land store on Coney Island broke out around 6 a.m., Brooklyn News 12 reported.

“The main difficulty with this building was accessing the main body of fire due to it was set back on a mezzanine level and we had limited ventilation of the area, and the firefighters operated in very difficult conditions,” John Hodgins, FDNY chief of operations, told Brooklyn News 12.

The injuries suffered were not life-threatening and no members of the public were inside when the building caught fire.