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Firefighters speak out after held hostage by co-worker

Paul Jordan, 25, was angry because he had just been fired; he told his co-workers that he had no reason to live


NBC Philadelphia

ELKINS PARK, Pa. — Firefighters are speaking out for the first time after police say they were held hostage by a co-worker in the basement of a Montgomery County firehouse Tuesday.

Paul Jordan, 25, was taken into custody after a standoff situation at the La Mott Fire Company, No. 1 on Penrose Avenue in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, officials said. The ordeal began around 10:40 a.m. when Jordan, who investigators say was armed with a 9mm handgun, fired a shot into the wall of the building, according to police.

“He wasn’t himself,” said Mark Logan, president of the La Mott Fire Company. “He didn’t look like himself. He didn’t act like himself.” Logan says Jordan was a volunteer firefighter at the company and was angry because he had just been fired, telling his co-workers that he had no reason to live.

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