Firefighters begin block-by-block search for survivors in Houston

Officials were concerned some residents might still be waiting to be rescued after several days of flooding

By FireRescue1 Staff

HOUSTON — Firefighters are searching block-by-block for surviving residents in Houston’s most impacted areas after Hurricane Harvey.

USA Today reported that some areas of the city have been flooded with water for the past several days, and authorities were worried there might be some people still waiting to be rescued.

"We'll be doing a block-by-block, door-by-door search of streets we believe have had three feet or more (of water) to make sure there are no people we've left behind,” Houston Fire Department Executive Assistant Chief Richard Mann said. “This will be a one- to two-week-long process to make sure we address all those areas that have been hit hardest."

The American Red Cross said more than 33,000 people are in shelters and over 13,000 people were rescued from flooded homes. Gov. Greg Abbott said 10,000 more National Guard troops will join the 14,000 troops already providing aid.

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