The evolution of ICS beyond the fire service

The Incident Command System is rapidly being implemented by a growing number of diverse organizations

By Merritt Kearns and Matthew Bombace
American Military University

The Incident Command System (ICS) is an all-hazards management system suitable for responding to incidents of all sizes and complexities. ICS was originally developed in California in the 1970s through a cooperative effort of local, state, and federal fire agencies to more effectively manage wildfires.

The fire service has been using ICS on a daily basis for more than 30 years and has also been widely adopted by many law enforcement agencies. However, recently ICS has been applied beyond the public safety realm and used by private-sector and non-governmental organizations.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Widespread Adoption of ICS in Public Health
ICS has been adopted by public-health agencies, disaster-relief organizations, and environmental-regulatory agencies.

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